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Join our community of satisfied clients who have placed their trust in us. Discover why we are the go-to choice for dog sitting, baby sitting, and tutoring services. Experience peace of mind knowing that your loved ones, whether they have fur or are little ones, are in capable and caring hands. Start your journey with us and become part of our trusted family today!

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I’m Rebecca McKeegan, and I understand that many people are in need of reliable services like babysitting, tutoring, and dog sitting, including overnight care. I have been successfully running my own business for the past three years, and I take pride in delivering services of the highest quality. With me, you can rest assured that you will receive top-notch assistance.
Whether you need a trustworthy caretaker for your children, a dedicated tutor to guide your child’s academic journey, or a compassionate companion for your furry friend, I am here to provide exceptional care and support tailored to your specific needs.


Exceptional Care

Dog Sitting

Trust us with the care of your furry family members. Our experienced dog sitters provide a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring your dog receives the attention, exercise, and love they deserve while you're away.

Baby Sitting

Leave your little ones in capable hands. Our trusted babysitters are nurturing, responsible, and skilled in providing a safe and engaging environment for your children. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are well-cared for while you take care of other responsibilities.

Overnight Care

When you need extended care, our overnight service ensures your pets or children receive dedicated attention throughout the night. Our reliable and attentive caregivers provide a nurturing environment, allowing you to rest easy knowing they are in good hands.


Unlock your full potential with our personalized tutoring services. Our knowledgeable tutors offer one-on-one assistance, helping students grasp difficult concepts, improve academic performance, and build confidence in their learning journey.

Pet Walking

Keep your pets active and healthy with our professional pet walking service. Our trained walkers ensure your furry companions get the exercise and fresh air they need, tailored to their individual needs, while you're busy or unable to take them out.

Special Care

We understand that some pets or individuals require extra attention and specialized care. Our compassionate caregivers are experienced in handling unique needs, providing a supportive and comfortable environment for those requiring special care.

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Taking Care

Your loved ones are now at the right hands, so rest free without worrying about them. We'll make sure that there'll be nothing but satisfaction from both sides.

Happy Tutoring with us!

Empower your loved ones with our personalized tutoring services. Ignite their curiosity, nurture their growth, and watch them thrive academically. Trust our experienced team to provide top-notch education tailored to their unique needs. Enroll your child or bring your furry companion along for a learning adventure they’ll cherish!

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